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AZ woman in coma, raped and delivered baby at care facility

Stories of nursing home abuse are unfortunately familiar. Too many callous staff members are found taking advantage of the sick and weak residents dependent on their care. An Arizona healthcare facility is in the spotlight recently due to a horrific discovery. On December 29th, 2018 a 29-year-old incapacitated woman delivered a baby at the healthcare facility while in a vegetative state. This woman has been in a coma for the past 10 years.

Law enforcement investigators report that nursing home staff allegedly had no prior knowledge of the long-term resident’s pregnancy. Therefore, the woman received no prenatal care or additional food through her normal feeding tube portions. Staff members of the facility including those during the approximate time of conception, are under DNA analysis and a criminal investigation by local authorities.

Know the signs of elder financial abuse

For most, it is difficult to understand how someone could take advantage of an older, vulnerable person. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that can and does happen. In addition to physical abuse and neglect, many elders residing in California are victims of financial abuse perpetrated by unscrupulous caregivers and other parties.

Fortunately, you can help protect your aging family members by learning how to spot signs of elder financial abuse. The following section contains some common signs of such abuse.

Social media becoming new form of abuse in nursing homes

Almost everyone is on social media in one form or another— nursing home workers included. While social media can be a fun and enjoyable way of sharing photos and videos with friends and family, it is now one of the biggest dangers to nursing home residents.

According to a recent article, there have been over 65 reports of nursing home workers posting photos and videos of residents on social media since 2012. Some of the worst incidents of social media abuse have occurred throughout California.

Tips to protect your parents from technology tricks

Seniors don’t have to be in the dark when it comes to technology — and they shouldn’t be. Recent studies have shown that now six in ten seniors go online. 

But, it’s important that we're teaching our parents how to be responsible with technology. These tips can help your parents avoid dangerous technology tricks pulled by scam artists.

Do you know the hidden signs of elder abuse?

Abuse of the elderly is a heinous yet frequently unreported form of mistreatment. Persons over the age of 60 may experience various forms of mistreatment and oftentimes the signs are difficult to spot. As the loved one of an elderly person, you can help to watch for the less-obvious signs of elder abuse or neglect.

It's difficult to report accurate rates of elder abuse and neglect because the mistreatment frequently goes unreported. Reasons why can vary, but tend to be due to feelings of isolation and powerlessness, fear of reporting the mistreatment and psychological or physical impairments that impede the victim's ability to recall and report the abuse.

Could radiologists help diagnose physical elder abuse?

Detecting physical elder abuse may seem straightforward, but most cases go unreported as elderly victims are oftentimes afraid, embarrassed or unable to speak up.

A recent article published to the Journal of the American College of Radiology maps out the possibility of radiologists learning to identify the signs of elder abuse.

Lawsuit Alleges Oakmont Senior Living Abandoned Elders During the Sonoma County Wildfires

Stebner and Associates filed a lawsuit on behalf of four senior citizens accusing Oakmont Senior Living of failing to safely evacuate them from Villa Capri, an assisted living facility that burned to the ground during the massive wildfires on October 9, 2017.


H.R. 1215 will be discussed in the federal House of Representatives June 28 and 29, 2017! Hidden within H.R. 1215 is language that will gut elder abuse protections in California and across the United States. Although the House vote on the bill had previously been delayed, it is back with a vengeance. You can read H.R. 1215 at

Elder Abuse Protections Will Be Gutted By H.R. 1215 - CALL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON!

A very important California law designed to protect vulnerable elders and disabled adults is silently coming under attack by a proposed Federal bill (H.R. 1215), and no one knows.

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