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October 2014 Archives

Why vote YES on Prop 46 on November 4, 2014?

  1. It will require drug and alcohol testing of doctors: Doctors will be tested just like airline pilots, bus drivers, and other public safety professionals.  Why is that important? California's doctor licensing agency reports that 20% of doctors have an addiction problem.  Prop 46 will require random testing of hospital doctors and after someone is harmed in the hospital.  This will deliver needed help to doctors suffering from addiction - before they harm again.
  2. It will stop addicts from doctor-shopping to get more drugs: Prop 46 will require doctors to look at the existing California database before prescribing narcotics.  Prescription drug abuse costs us more than $55 billion dollars a year.  The Legislative Analyst's Office says YES on Prop 46 will provide "significant" savings.
  3. It will stop health care providers from treating people like a "cost of doing business" and make them accountable for their harmful decisions: Prop 46 will raise the 40 year old arbitrary cap on pain and suffering in medical malpractice and elder and dependent adult abuse cases from $250,000 to $1.1 million, a simple cost of living increase for the four decades this cap has stayed the same.


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